Singapore HDB used like Hotels by Foreigners

Foreigner uses BTO HDB Flat as Short Term rental rooms, like Hotels. This is illegal. Guess what BTO project? Jade Spring @ Yishun

Please spread the news far and wide as we try to alert authorities.

We are of the view that accomodation/bedspace for social visit pass is extremely profitable. One room can easily house 2 double deck beds. Whole flat can easily fit in 10 people or more. SGD 30 per head per night.

You go calculate how much Elena is earning per month? Is this way Singaporeans find it so hard to get BTO Flats? Can Minister MND deal with cases like this? I'm sure this is not the only case.

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  1. has anyone visited Lucky Plaza lately ? Lots of "Bed for Rent" notices in various shops. And if You are NOT a Pinoy/Pinay walking along the walkway,...them P's look at You with dagger-eyes, like "WTF are you doing here?!!!"

    Very Sad, to be discriminated in our own country - by foreigners