Fraudulent Services

As a Certified Fraud Examiner, I am amazed by how creative cheats can get. Read the story below. Be careful to avoid Fraudulent services. Always check with friends and relatives if what you are reading is sane.

More than 40 people have lodged a police report to complain about being cheated in a 'Baccarat Workshop'.

According to Lianhe Wanbao, the group had each paid $14,888 to take part in a workshop that is supposed to teach them a sure-to-win way of making a fortune at the Baccarat table.

They now believe that they have been conned by their 'teacher', Mr Ye Hong Quan, 64, who also calls himself the 'God of Gambling'.

One student, Mr Chen (32, logistics management), told Lianhe Wanbao reporters that he knew students in previous four classes who have lodged police reports.

Each class has an average of 20 students. It is understood that as many as 20 people out of one such class had lodged police reports.

The police have also verified that complaints have been received about such a workshop.

Another student, Mr Xu (44, construction manager), explained that the workshop consisted of two days of classes and three days of 'practical training' in the casino.

According to Mr Xu, students are entitled to a full refund of the course fees if they lose money in the casino.

So what is this sure-to-win method?

According to Mr Xu, the method consisted only of two rules, 1, guarding against 'imps' in the casino, and 2, betting double in each successive game.

On guarding against 'imps', the students are taught not to take any food or drinks from the casino, not stay in the casino for more than three hours, and not visit more than one casino a day.

They must also not become members of the casino.

These methods are supposed to help them avoid being detected by 'imps' in the casino.

On betting double, the idea is that if you lose the first time, you must bet double the next time so that you may win more than what you lost the first time.

But Mr Xu questioned the second rule, "What if you lose every time?" 

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