Winner takes it all

I disagree that business schools provide consolation prizes for 2nd and 3rd places in competitions. The reality is 2nd and 3rd placed job candidates will not receive a thing. Business schools need to teach their students this.

Singaporean parents strive to give their kids everything to keep ahead of competition. Many devote finances to expensive tuition and creative writing classes. Most parents I know demand their child to learn a sport or a specific skill so that they can gain advantage in college and secondary school entry.

I don’t necessary agree with what parents do to their kids, especially when a 9 year old has his entire week packed with activities. But I understand why this is important.

Singaporeans do not seem to understand global competition. Instead of improving one’s competitiveness, they seem to assume the responsibility lie with the government. Government has to ensure Singaporeans have well paying jobs and ensure Singaporeans face minimal foreign worker competition. This is worrying.

Singaporeans, starting from a young age, must be told the cruel fact. In this day and age, only the winner takes home the bread.