How do I interact with readers

Like many, I start with a well designed blog on Wordpress. The selection of theme was painful and the work associated with managing widgets and CSS codes became cumbersome. A lot of time was spent on deciding between 2 to 3 options.

Last year, I took on an MBA programme in the UK and immediately found myself short of time. I also observed how readers behave. Readers have no time to follow individual blogs unless the blogs comprise pictures of good looking ladies. Instead, people turn to networks like Facebook, Tumblr and Medium to read.

I also observed that Facebook users typically read headlines and see visual images. Unless the headlines are exciting, users don't typically click into the links to read. But they do more frequently watch a clip. So that's where I am heading. A blog is merely a web space home for me to park my inner thoughts. My articles are now published on -

The future of readership will be able the networks you are embedded in. Bloggers will have to choose which network they want to be on. My bet is on for its minimalist approach and ease of sharing. Tumblr is dead simply because they are associated with Yahoo. I keep a blog with Blogger  because I started blogging in the early 2000s and I am stuck to Google.

I tweet at @1alexlew, write at Medium @1alexlew. I'm still passionate about policies and investments.