About me

Alex Lew is director of fintech unit in Global E-Trade Services. He is responsible for the roadmap and growth of GeTS’ fintech businesses, and is leading international payments, trade financing projects within the organization.

Alex was previously regional product development lead for Razer Fintech and oversaw the development of regional wallets. Before Razer, Alex was VP of UOB Group’s strategy team, supporting the group’s fintech strategy and covering the group’s Malaysia and Indonesia’s strategy formulation.

Prior to UOB and Razer, Alex was assistant head in the Singapore Economic Development Board. He worked on regional international policy, specializing in facilitating growth in Indonesia and Malaysia. He also led industrial land and space optimization policy formulation.

Outside of work, Alex serves of president of the Society of Financial Service Professionals, Singapore chapter. He is an active member of the Oxford Business Network, Singapore, and served as Asia Pacific Oxford Business Network Chairperson during this time as MBA candidate in the University of Oxford.

Alex Lew is a CFA Charterholder, and graduated from NTU (Bachelor of Business) and from University of Oxford (MBA). Alex is the lead author of the book “Issues That Matter, Uniquely Singapore, F1 or F9”, and a contributing author of the book “Change in Voting, Singapore’s 2015 General Election”.

    Alex Lew现任Global E-Trade Services (GeTS) 金融科技部总监,负责主导GeTS金融科技部业务的发展路线和增长,同时领导公司的国际支付、贸易融资项目。
    在此之前,Alex是雷蛇金融科技分支 (Razer Fintech) 的区域产品开发总监,负责区域钱包的开发。在加入雷蛇之前,Alex曾任UOB集团战略部副总裁,主要工作是发展该集团的金融科技战略,并制定集团在马来西亚和印度尼西亚的发展战略。
    Alex LewCFA持证人,毕业于新加坡南洋理工大学(商科学士)和牛津大学(工商管理硕士)。他是《Issues That Matter, Uniquely Singapore, F1 or F9》一书的第一作者,也是《Change in Voting, Singapore’s 2015 General Election》一书的撰稿人。