About me

Through digital financial services, everyone, rich or poor, will have equal assess to wealth. This is why I am so passionate about Fintech. Elitism and helping the rich become richer is not what I stand for.

Since 2008, I fought against fraud, bad financial advice and cheaters. I exposes the downside of CFDs, closet active fund managers, and exposed bad investments (wine, land banking).

I'm a CFA charterholder and the past president of Society of Financial Service Professional, Singapore, an association of finance industry professionals. I was also a Certified Fraud Examiner.

My views on investing:
I firmly believe that active management cannot beat the market persistently. I have seen that up to 90% of professional managers cannot. So I advocate for index funds. I'm also a minimalist at heart.

I'm also an author of 2 books.

My professional skillsets
I am at expert in social media. I can help business grow their brands through digital ways exponentially, and I have done that. I understand the risks in the digital space and can help individuals manage their exposure carefully (or remove entirely).

I'm have experiences in managing large technology projects. I manage a sizable editing team, applying design thinking in all sorts of work I do.

I'm also financially literate - can do valuations, spreadsheets. I enjoy coaching and mentoring others too.

Contact: alexlewyl at gmail dot com