Resume services

The amount of time a recruiter spends looking at your resume is roughly six seconds.

Do you spend a lot of time formatting your resume on Microsoft Word programme? Do you hate the alignment and the process of choosing the right words?

These things can frustrate your job search process, especially when you are already employed. Where do you find the time to make these changes? Do you feel consistently overloaded with updating your resume?

Unfortunately, design and visuals are still the most important rule in the business world. Companies do look for candidates who go the extra point.

Your resume is the only thing between you and the interview. Take a look at the resume below; which do you think is more eye-catching?

If you have an updated resume that’s fit for using, this is what I can do for you at just $50.
  • I will create a competitive design for you
  • I will edit your resume, suggest the use of power words

If you don’t have a resume, and need me to craft one for you from scratch, this is what I can do for you at $200
  • I will spend 3 hours understanding your profile and experience
  • I will draft your resume for you and curate the resume
  • I will create a competitive design for you

Act now by emailing me: alexlew yl (at) gmail dot com

Why am I doing this and how am I qualified?
I have got through all types of interviews with top consulting firms (e.g Mckinsey, AT Kearney), e-giants (e.g Amazon, Li & Fung), and banks (e.g. Barclays). The list is not exhaustive.

I have also taken great lengths to keep myself updated of the latest recruiting trends. Here’s how; I manage a tech and international affairs media site with more than 25k facebook followers, so I know what are the latest skill sets required by firms. I have also invested in a full time, on campus MBA in the University of Oxford to learn from the best regarding academic requirements, technology, and career growth. I am also a CFA Charterholder, and an active practitioner.

It is my passion to help others, and in the process of helping others, add value to myself.

Act now by emailing me: alexlew yl (at) gmail dot com