Technical and Fundamental analysis can be different but both helps the investment process

Technical analysis and fundamental analysis are two different schools of thought. There are polarizing. In an efficient market, technical analysis should add no value.

Technical analysis is based on the belief that the market is not efficient. Technical analysts use indicators that are independent of the company’s financial condition. Fundamental analysts focus on the financial health of companies. Fundamental analysis chooses stocks to buy; technical analysis chooses when to buy for analysts who use both. Proponents of strong form efficient market theory and technical analysts are at opposite ends of the philosophical spectrum. – CFA Magazine

But I think there are times when the market is inefficient. This is when technical analysis is useful. More fundamental analysts are checking their charts. Charts provide a good overview of the markets.
Technical analysis is related to stock price and volume, whereas quantitative is statistically based, using excess return forecasting and fundamental indicators such as earnings, earnings trends estimates. Quantitative analysis assumes that an investment philosophy can be expressed as a statistical model.