Consumerism is screwing us up. Own lesser things, have lesser problems in life

How many things have you bought that you have never used before?

Most of us make impulse purchase at the flea market and online. While this trend may not be harmful, it is certainly not without a cost. Hoarding things make it hard for you to stay organized. These things have the potential to destroy our life, take away your attention.

Consumerism have been touted as the engine to fuel the economy. Advertisers also claim that it makes you happier. But today, we want to be anti-consumerism. Buying more things does not make you happier.

You are suffering from consumerism if you bought too many things and if your home and cellar is filled with useless items. Do you still determine happiness by the number of assets you own? Materialism means you have more things to organize and to worry about. Buying more today means less money for tomorrow. Buying more also means contributing to inflationary measures – i.e. your money is worth much lesser.

Many of you will notice that having too much of something does not satisfy. If you have too much of a good food, you begin to get sick of it. Consumerism causes depression because you are in the rat race to continue to buy more, buy newer models of cars and phones.

So what should you do?

Get rid of things you don’t use. Get rid of emotionally charged things. Opt for a simpler life. Experiences hold a higher value than material possessions. Experiences create bonds and they shape our identity more than possessions. A week of family bonding time can strengthen ties. A few more cars will not. You can try being an anti-consumptionist for a while. Detox your life.