NTUC more worried about their own reputation than rats in their stalls that could harm Singaporeans?

Image:NTUC FairPrice Facebook

A delivery man posted pictures of rat traces in NTUC (Singapore equivalent of Sainsburys and Tesco). NTUC's first reaction was to threaten to sue the delivery man and to expose the delivery man's wrong doing - unrelated to rats in NTUC.

It is clear that NTUC was more defensive of its own reputation than explaining to customers how rats were able to bite into food products. Instead of coming clean with a bigger issue that could lead to lost of lives, NTUC decided to threaten the delivery man. One can assess that NTUC was more worried about defending their name than to address the problem at hand.

I think we need to rethink ethics in Singapore's business ecosystem. It is common sense to every Singaporean that NTUC's potential rat infestation is more important an issue than whether the delivery man stole some bread or not.

Perhaps an MP should ask in Parliament if an investigation of NTUC's warehouses and stalls can take place to Ensure Singaporeans have safe access to food. We need to bring up the ethics of businesses in Singapore. I think we should get citizens to expose these firms and collectively teach them a lesson - the power of the public.

One way is for Singaporeans to go to NTUC and start taking pictures of rats infestation, cockroaches and such. If we are serious about taking matters into our own hands in democratic Singapore, we should consider this option.