The daily choices you make as a citizen is not just about what’s legal and what’s illegal, what’s perceived to be correct and what is perceived to be wrong. It is also about the type of society you want to build for your children – the next generation.

When you decide not to speak up against injustice, you choose to voice out against justice. When choose not to stand up against bullies, you choose to support violence. Should you remain silent when a pregnant woman is not given a seat, you choose to forgo your choice to exercise your rights.

People exercising their rights to speak up. People do complain. They quarrel when they face injustice. The key is exercising your right to speak up when others face injustice, when the weak needs help, when the poor goes hungry. What good is it if a man reacts only to injustice when they are the victim. We cannot leave the advocacy for justice and equality with others. We own this responsibility ourselves.

The difference between a strong and a weak man is his will to recover from failure. The weak avoids failure like a plague and takes the least path of resistance. While this is tactically wise, he does not train for “fitness” to overcome a disaster. A strong man casts himself against difficult odds, speaks the truth, guards his honor, admits his wrongdoings and defend the weak. Many of these men will perish in the cause of their persistence in life. But collectively, they build a different world.

We praise the existence of a few champions that made in life. We applaud their successes. But we fail to recognize the pioneers that failed before them – that created the different paths to failure. It is precisely these failures that helped the champion find its way. It is honorable to be a pathfinder, more honorable than those who pick the path of least resistance.

Give good advice away. For it is only good if you pass it on. It is not of any use if you keep it to yourself. Spare condemnation. Raise people up. When you met a bully, do not stoop so low. Rise higher in spirits.