Math helps you build logic in decision making

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An awareness of numbers is an important tool in our everyday lives. Whether it’s putting the news and statistics we hear into perspective, math is essential to helping us navigate real-life situations. 

It’s quite common to hear that math was someone’s worst subject, or shrugging and saying that he’s simply not a numbers person.
That’s nothing to boast about. 

If you cannot deal with math, you cannot react appropriately and make accurate judgments in circumstances involving numbers and probability. 

In many instances, their numerical intuition is prejudiced by their own experience.
For instance, the probability of being eaten by an shark is quite low. An innumerate person might read a news story about such an event and develop an irrational fear of alligators. He is not able to deal with any statistical evidence demonstrating that road kills far more than sharks. 

Pseudoscience preys on people’s innumeracy.