A position of rest - minimalism






Working from a position of rest

We may get frustrated by many little things in life. On the way to work, traffic jams, noises, distractions can affect our peace. Without peace, we may feel to control our emotions. When we are unable to control our emotions, we get affected by the environment. We react to people's insults, we take people too seriously. With inner peace, we enlarge our people motives - lesser of what people think and feel of us.

How do we achieve peace? Peace cannot be given to us by others. Peace is a state that we maintain within ourselves even when others try to rob us of it. How do we maintain peace? Reduce adrenaline, work from a position of rest. Adrenaline pumps up our mood, it makes us angrier and adrenaline gives clarity, just like an animal hunting for food. Adrenaline is not the usual state of mind. Stress resulting from adrenaline kills if we allow adrenaline to fill us up often. Adrenaline has its uses, but it is not the usual state. You need it in a fight or flight situation. But always maintain a position of rest.

Working from a position of restfulness not restlessness is important. Whatever you are doing, let not your heart be troubled. Let not your heart be stressed. If you are near a deadline, work from a state of restfulness. Not an inch of stress can help you thjnk cleaner and work faster. Yes, rather lose your job than get stressed daily. Rest is a position. Do not allow yourself to get into a position of stress. Simply avoid friends with negativity. Do not marry the guy who convicts and condemns you.

Love yourself. Start everything from a position of stress. Minimize the smaller things in life, enlarge and bring to importance peace.