Minimalism does not always mean perfect order, but selecting what to focus on

With more data, you will pick up errors. If your model picks up these noises, predictions will go wrong. It is human tendency to prefer order. But order is not always beneficial. In Silicon Valley, employees hop around from job to job. These mean ideas are exchanged quickly, resulting in better innovation.

Disruptions force us to find new, creative approaches.  Novel ideas are usually discovered in disorderly periods.

Working groups often find their finds converging. But differing views help different ideas interact – allowing range of ideas to grow.

Stop censoring yourself. This is a risky step, but it's a risk you've got to take if you want to tap into the power of improvisation. Non-judgemental mind-set is crucial since improvisation depends on creating unpredictability, a chaotic state only they feel comfortable with. 

In another example, organizing your email is essentially pointless. It's quicker to use the search bar than to parse through a whole system of folders. This doesn't mean not planning, but that you should embrace differences even as you plan.