Role of Chinese women will have to change

Society requested women to help man reproduce. Marriage was about mandatory sex and child birth.

While men work in the fields and try to create higher levels of income, many women sacrifice their careers for chauvinistic goals. Women will likely have to end work earlier to take care of kids. Men are free from such pressure.

Families request women to quit work for at least a few years while the child is growing up. This absence from work makes a lot of women irrelevant from the workforce.

A mature woman above the age of 28 will be labeled as “leftover women”. A 40-year old man may still be considered eligible.

We need women to be given equal educational opportunities. They should not be kept away for sex and for reproduction use. Marriage is sacred. Yet it is not a reason to condemn one’s future. We must accept that it is a woman’s right to abstain from sex even within marriage. It is also her right to delay or decide against child birth to focus on the career.

We need to empower women. Freedom is a precious commodity and we can collectively work on this by:

Reminding every woman that divorce is an option child birth is optional

Forced sex in or outside of marriage is illegal。

Women are entitled to education and freedom.