Labour shortage Singapore falls behind China in terms of productivity?

China, the most populous nation has moved ahead of Singapore to produce 0 staff retail concept.

Where are we in Singapore given that we are arguably the nation with highest labor shortage and constraint?

Note that we have been talking about labour productivity since decades ago.
Truth is, we cannot allow old ways and mindsets to stop attempts to change. More aggressive restructuring is needed.

Like other convenience stores across China, the shelves of a BingoBox outlet in Shanghai are lined with instant noodles, beer, and bags of traditional snacks such as duck neck. But one thing is missing — the staff. 

Chinese retailers have taken pole position in a race to build unmanned shops, with more than a dozen in operation and hundreds more planned. Meanwhile, the unstaffed Amazon Go store has yet to open to the public. 

The entrance to the BingoBox in Shanghai, a single-aisle affair dropped Tardis-like into a parking lot behind a supermarket, is unlocked by the use of mobile phone app. Customers scan items for payment, with theft prevented by the use of real-name registration and video monitoring.