Productivity rules: creating more me-time

People think that being more productive means being more diligent. The opposite is true. Being more productive means you finish your work faster. This also means more time to do things that matter.
Prioritize your tasks and invest your time accordingly. Break down big tasks so they look less intimidating. Many people get loss in a sea of work, not knowing where to start. They feel paralyzed. In these situations, prioritize and get into the flow by breaking down tasks into smaller ones. Reward yourself completing a task. You are not a machine. Prime yourself to enjoy after a task. This makes life more pleasurable. Quickly handle low priority tasks. Handle these simple tasks only once. Repeats create stress. Outsource these things if possible. Replying emails are examples of these tasks. I recommend using Asana, Trello or other project management tools to optimize time. Quietness is crucial for time optimization. Work gets done better when your mind is neat. You need to prioritise your private life and find flexibility at work. I’ve learnt that work flexibility (time, venue, structure) is crucial for happiness. You should be remunerated by outcomes, not time spent at work. Make it a strong point that you need to be home to recover or be with family.