The irrational buyer (Adapted)

Cyril Wolf highlighted that pharmacy chains like CVS, Eckerd and Walgreens sometimes put unreasonably high prices on generic drugs such as Ibuprofen. 

Two chain stores, Costco and Sam's Club, sold the generic versions at a significantly lower price than the pharmacies mentioned above.

For instance, a bottle of Prozac pills – $117 at Walgreens – cost $12 at Costco.

Retirees with prescriptions don't compare prices at different stores, but simply assume that the price of generic drugs are consistent across all stores.

Hunting for deals is one thing. But there are also "deals" out there that are complete nonsense.

A two-wing meal, which includes fries and cole slaw, was listed at $3.03, and the three-wing meal cost $4.50. This means that one additional wing cost $1.47. That's more than the first two wings! We can sometimes be suckers for these "deals".