Calm down and keep things small, aim to be happy not right

If you're determined to always be right, you'll destroy your relationships and happiness.

Most people want to look important, so they push themselves to do things that'll be well perceived. We create a lot of problems for ourselves when we do this. It's natural to want to be in the spotlight. We want to speak our minds and impress people. Unfortunately, this can be very harmful to our relationships.

When we interrupt people or fail to listen to them respectfully, we make them nervous or irritable. Instead, try to let go of your ego, be patient and let them finish. That can be difficult at times, but it'll certainly improve your interaction and help you work through any problems.

If you're determined to always be right, you'll alienate yourself from the people who really matter. So even if you feel the need to correct something a loved one says, just stay calm and let them keep speaking. This will create a much more relaxed atmosphere between the two of you.

We also tend to harbor resentment for anyone we've had an argument or misunderstanding with. When we do this, we turn small stuff into big stuff in our minds.

Don't hold on to your anger. It can lead you to turn a small argument with a friend into something big – like deciding to never talk to them again.

Why do we do this? Well, we tend to see forgiveness as a sign of weakness and insecurity. We subconsciously want to protect our images by giving up relationships with loved ones in hopes that they'll come back to us.

You can avoid this by simply letting go of your need to be right, and focusing on being happy instead.