Delicacies in Changsha's Foot Massage Centres

Fierce competition prompts foot massage centres to develop peripheral services. Now, they serve the best food in Changsha. 

In 2006, a novel named "Foot Capital" brought the foot massage culture of Changsha before the whole country. Originated in the northeast of China, foot massage flourished unexpectedly in Changsha. 
There is a joke circulating in Changsha: "If you throw a brick down in Beijing, it will hit an official; in Shanghai, it will hit a multimillionaire; in Changsha, it will likely hit two people on their way to the foot massage centre." If you need recommendations, your Changsha friends will probably ask you to hang a map of Changsha on the wall and throw a dart. No matter where you throw, the dart will most likely land on a foot massage place. 
The vast number of foot massage centres in Changsha also means more competition. From Thai style to Chinese style, back massage to foot massage – merchants have been fighting in these niche areas for so long that they are now moving to compete in other peripheral services. Some of the centres provide karaoke, movies, card games, tea and accommodation for the customers. Of all forms of additional services, Changsha's foot massage centres now face a fierce rivalry over their food. Each famous brand has its unique delicacy. Changsha's best food is now hidden in foot massage centres instead of those internet-famous stores by the street.  
This article will introduce to you six highly recommended foot massage brands in Changsha, together with their signature dishes.

1. The internet-famous: Golden Impression (Jinse Yinxiang) 
As a Chongqing enterprise that entered Changsha in 2018, Golden Impression successfully won a spot with its excellent marketing. It is being recommended everywhere on social media platforms such as Xiaohongshu, Dianping, and Tik Tok, which is why locals deride it as a place to hoodwink tourists. None of Golden Impression stores accept online or phone reservations. It is therefore normal to queue and wait there for more than one hour or two. However, you may order your food before your turn.
With over 40 food choices, beef rice noodles and steamed rice with beef are the best. The meat dumplings in spicy sauce is also a must-try. It is worth mentioning that all the delicacies there are free, and you can enjoy them at any time.  
2. The professional blind massage: Yeahcome
The owner of this local franchise is also blind. Founded in 1997, it now has its own specialized chiropractic hospital and the largest blind massage training school in central and southern China. Its selling point is markedly different from other foot massage centres.  
However, this professional foot massage centre provides customers with a surprisingly detailed menu, with food options ranging from desserts to mains, from tonic soups to famous local snacks. Yeahcome's braised food is more authentic than any other local restaurant in Changsha. For dinner, try their braised pork rice or potted rice. The dessert there is also highly recommended. A cup of green been slush will quench your thirst in the summer. 


3. The countrified: Sixi Fuqiao
Sixi Fuqiao is often jokingly ridiculed for its aesthetic. At the entrance, we see statues of Buddha's heads together with a Napoleon painting. The designer also decided to use Greek stone pillars to complement a room with Guanyin’s statue, the goddess of mercy in Chinese mythology. 

The technicians in Sixi Fuqiao immerse themselves in their work and seldom hard-sell any additional services, unlike how most foot massage centres function. 
When it comes to food, you will be pleasantly surprised that this traditional foot massage centre used to sell wonton as its primary business. The wontons they serve are fresh and tender, receiving many compliments from the customers.
4. The strictest technician assessment: Wuwei 
Wuwei, a brand from the Jiangxi Province, has been in Changsha for many years. To motivate the technicians, the centre has established a hierarchical technician assessment system. Newcomers must undergo a month of training up to ten hours a day and pass five exams before formally starting work. Wuwei also tests the technician's technique and understanding of human body structure from time to time. Afterwards, the centre will classify the technicians into different levels according to their performance. The lowest level technicians are known as "normal technicians", while the highest-level technicians are called "professors". This hierarchical assessment system motivates technicians to 
Wuwei is known for its authentic traditional Changsha snack, which has rice noodles mixed with lard. Its braised rice noodle and steamed dumplings are also worth a try.
5. The luxurious palace: Qianshen Guizu
Qianshen Guizu impresses its customers with its luxurious decors. Almost every centre is as lavish as a palace, with spacious rooms and expensive-looking furniture. Technicians here are carefully picked, and they are said to have the best salary in Changsha's foot massage industry. All female technicians are dressed in a delicate cheongsam and pleasantly interact with customers. This is an ideal place for business entertainment.  

Although limited in choices, Qianshen Guizu offers its customers delicate food as part of its quality service. According to some of its customers: "The food there is tasty, and the fruits are expensive and fresh. It is worth the price." 
6. The top-rated: JoinComeLife (Jiankang Daolai)
JoinComeLife has won praise for its friendly price and excellent service. Founded in 2008, the brand has captured the hearts of the picky Changsha residents and accumulated a huge fanbase for its service. As soon as you walk in, you will be warmly greeted by a receptionist asking you if you want to dine in. The technician also pays attention to your food preferences while massaging. The customer service will push the food cart around from time to time, and you are free to try out anything. From sweet rice dumplings to cold noodles, the full range of cuisines can definitely satisfy your cravings.
The foot massage culture in Changsha unites people from all walks of life, and it is known as the best place for someone to relax. Imagine yourself lying on a bed, enjoying tasty food, watching your favourite movie while having your muscles relaxed – what more could one ask for? 




1. 最网红的金色印象


2. 主打盲人按摩的颐而康
3. 土味浓厚的四喜富侨


4. 等级森严的无为
5. 富丽堂皇的浅深贵足
6. 五星好评见康道莱


Top 10 Internet Frauds in China

Here is a rundown of China’s top 10 internet scams for you to spot before it is too late. 

Frauds evolve with the times and are almost impossible to avoid. While fewer people are reporting against online fraud, the per capita loss of online fraud has hit a six-year high. From January to May 2021, China cracked over 114,000 internet fraud cases and arrested more than 14,000 criminal groups. According to data released by the Chinese Police Onlinethe country successfully prevented 7.71 million people from being cheated, saving a total of RMB 99.1 billion (US$15.5 billion). 


We have compiled a list of China's top 10 internet frauds for you to identify them and avoid getting hooked.

Data Source:

1. Nude chat


This scam mainly targets men. The scammer poses as an attractive woman and induces the victim to chat naked on a fraud platform, allowing the scammer to obtain the victim's phone contacts. Afterwards, the scammer will blackmail the victim with his contact list and recordings of the nude chat to extort money.


The scammers usually act in groups. For example, a woman will first prerecord the videos, and then a man will use the recorded materials and send it to the victim. At times, they also download those videos from the internet. In 2009, a spoony bank president spent almost RMB 6.5 million (US$ 1 million) because of a nude chat scam.


2. Online dating  


Both males and females can fall prey to romance scams. Generally, such scams can be classified into four categories:


Asking for gifts or money  


In this form of online dating scam, men impersonate pretty girls to defraud men. The scammer begins to ask for money for various reasons after the two start dating online.


The Nanjing police recently arrested a criminal gang and released their internal training materials on the internet. The “Bible of Internet Fraud” contains a wealth of information and systematic rules to abide by. "No wonder I'm single. The scammers are much more sociable than me!" Many netizens exclaimed after reading through the "training materials".




This is when scammers weep over their miserable lives and tragic destiny. After gaining sympathy from the victim, they request to borrow money from the victims to cover their medical or family expenses. Of course, there will be no repayment.


Pretending to be rich


The scammer deceives the victims by pretending to be rich and falling in love with the victims online. At the early stage, they appear very generous. However, it is only after some time when they start to borrow money for cash flow problems. This fraud typically targets older single women as they are eager to marry men of similar economic status.


The pig-butchering scam


Scammers involved in a pig-butchering scam will first win victims' trust through a romantic relationship before duping them into a gambling or finance scheme. In addition, there are criminal organizations that specifically target foreigners for such scams.


In June 2020, the Neijiang police arrested a fraud gang targeting foreigners, with fraudulent activities amounting to tens of thousands of dollars a day. The organization has a clear division of labour. They have sub-divisions in charge of various functions – from sourcing potential targets online to building the platform. Specifically, one of the divisions is responsible for posing as rich and attractive women to chat with foreigners. 


The gang leader Liu confessed: "In our company, we have staff training on how to communicate with customers and how to recommend the high-profit investment platform inadvertently. We also register accounts on foreign social apps like WhatsApp and hunt foreigners." He continued, "to attract foreign men, these ‘rich and good-looking women’ will send videos or photos of ‘themselves’ occasionally." Most swindlers in charge of texting the foreigners know very little about English. They mainly rely on bilingual materials prepared in advance and translation software when necessary.  


3. Online loans  


The most common type of online loan scam is "naked loan" for female college students. Selfies taken by young college students are used as a form of collateral in peer-to-peer loaning systems. Female college students typically borrow money online to fund their vanity and excessive spending. Such loans carry high interest rates. Even after the victim pays off the loan, the scammers use their private photos or videos to extort money and even blackmail the victims into providing sexual services. Meanwhile, the scammers also sell off the pictures and videos to pornographic websites for profit.  


At the end of 2016, a series of 10G nude photos were leaked, revealing naked loans to the public and prompting a state-led crackdown.


4. Disguising as a public official or an acquaintance 


This happens when the scammer impersonates a public official. The scammer tells the victims that they are being investigated for a crime and should transfer the money to a safe account. 


Sometimes, the scammer disguises the victim's superior, claiming that they need money immediately due to an emergency.


5. Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) or shopping scams  


ETC scammers target car owners that use ETC services. Typically, the scammer sends a message to the victims claiming that the ETC has expired, and they need to click on the link in the message to reactivate it. In an online shopping scam, the scammer poses as an administrator stating that the victim's order has certain issues. The customers will need to click on the link provided to get a refund.

The links provided by the scammers will prompt victims to fill in their bank account details accompanied by an SMS verification process. If the victims comply, their money will instantly be transferred to several accounts.


6. Part-time e-commerce ‘brushing’


‘Brushing’ is a deceitful technique used to boost an online seller’s ranking on their e-commerce platforms by creating fake sales transactions. Users will first place an order and submit the payment. Afterwards, the seller will transfer back the users the transaction amount together with additional commission. 


At the beginning phase, users will be required to pay an entry fee to access the 'brushing' deals. The entry fee is relatively low. Upon joining the group, users will start with a smaller transaction amount. When trust is accumulated, the users will be allowed to deal with larger transaction amounts and higher commissions. The scam occurs at this stage, where users pay a huge sum of money to the seller in exchange for the additional commission. Upon submitting the payment, the scammers will suddenly vanish without paying back anything.


This scam targets mainly homemakers or unemployed individuals.


7. Gaming account frauds  


This happens when the gamers are introduced to a fraudulent platform to trade their game accounts. Upon a successful transaction, the platform will show the gamer a sum of money that they cannot withdraw. The scam occurs when the customer service requires the user to pay an amount to unfreeze the money.


8. Fraud targeting all kinds of illegal activities 


As prostitution and drugs are illegal in China, victims often seek ways to go around this online. The scammer induces the victim to transfer money for various reasons, including deposits and service charges. In such cases, most victims dare not report to the police because they fear exposing their involvement in paying for illegal services. In February 2021, the Nanjing police received a report that a man was cheated of RMB 240,000 (US$ 37,500) by an online prostitution platform. While the criminals were soon under arrest, it is difficult to recover the victim’s loss.




9. Virtual kidnapping  


Virtual kidnapping usually targets overseas Chinese students. The scammers pretend to call the victims on behalf of the Chinese authority to inform them of suspected crimes or other threats. Afterwards, the scammers will demand the victims to pay a ransom to avoid being arrested or deported. In some cases, the victims are successfully persuaded by the scammers. They will then cooperate with the scammers by pretending to be kidnapped to bail out themselves.


10. Synthetic identity frauds


The scammers pretend to be a retired foreign officer who wants to live in China. They will request help from the victim to transfer their money or ship antiques back to China. When the victims help the scammers make payments for transportation fees, inspection fees, and even custom clearance fees in advance, they will never get their money back. The elderly are particularly vulnerable to this type of scam.





1. 裸聊


2. 网恋交友












3. 贷款






5. ETC或购物诈骗




6. 兼职刷单




7. 游戏账号诈骗


8. 针对各种违反犯罪活动的诈骗


9. 虚拟绑架案


10. 伪造身份诈骗


Middle-Aged Chinese Women’s Transnational Intimacies

Disappointed with China’s cultural chauvinism, middle-aged Chinese women prefer to seek true love abroad.
In 2017, the Changsha Evening Newspaper documented a beautiful transnational love story.  
Fang is an ordinary girl from the Hunan province. Her early experiences prevented her from believing in love and marriage. In 2009, she moved to Shenzhen to restart her career. At an international jewellery exhibition, an American stranger offered to take a photo for her. Due to the language barrier, they did not interact after the photo-taking. In 2013, Fang's sister, who was married in the United States, was invited to a dinner by her classmate. The host also invited a male colleague of his. While having dinner, they talked about Chinese food. The male colleague expressed that he had once fallen in love with a Chinese girl at first sight, but he did not dare to go after her. Otherwise, he might have enjoyed Chinese foods for many years. 
Upon hearing this, the host jokingly asked the sister to introduce Fang to him. When the male colleague saw Fang’s photo, he was shocked to find out that Fang was the girl he had fallen in love with.
The story ended happily as the man's sincerity moved Fang, and the couple now lives together in Houston. They regularly share moments of their lives by posting videos on Tik TokHaokan Video and Bilibili.

The convenience of the internet and transport bring makes transnational marriages increasingly widespread. In the past, transnational couples used to know each other from a common school or workplace. Now, many couples meet each other through online social platforms instead. It is increasingly the norm for middle-aged Chinese women to find their partners of a different nationality online. As a result, they dare to pursue love despite language, culture, and distance barriers.  
Why seek love abroad?  
In China, older single women are called "leftover women" and are often looked down upon. Although public opinion towards single middle-aged women has improved over the years, the unfavourable view remains widespread in rural areas. These are the reasons why a middle-aged Chinese woman might prefer to seek love outside of China:
  1. Chinese men prefer younger women, caring more about a woman's appearance and age. If not, they look for richer women that can raise their standard of living.
  2. Older women are less preferred by Chinese parents, as they are often associated with a lower fertility rate. Chinese families typically want to have children on their own, and few would consider the option of adoption or allow the couple to have no kids.
  3. Chinese traditional values are harsh on middle-aged women who are divorced or widowed. Women are always blamed for an unsuccessful marriage. Even after divorce, widowed women are expected to stay "loyal". Remarriage is frowned upon as it is viewed as a form of betrayal.
Middle-aged Chinese women deliberately seek partners abroad to be free from the chauvinistic culture in China. This will allow them to live the life they want without fear of judgement. 
According to data released by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China, the number of transnational marriage registration (including those from Hong Kong, Taiwan and overseas) has been rising steadily in recent years, in contrast to the domestic marriage registration rate, which is under gradual decline.
The qualities of a middle-aged Chinese woman 
Many foreigners are attracted to the unique traits of Asian women while having their concerns: "I heard that many young Chinese girls treat marriage as a springboard. They leave as soon as they get the green card.” In contrast, they find middle-aged Chinese women with strong family values more appealing.
Middle-aged Chinese women are known to be hardworking, competent, and tenacious. They have strong family values and make it their duty to take care of their families. To the Chinese, a family consists of the couple and their children and their parents, brothers, sisters, and other relatives. Older Chinese women devote themselves to build a harmonious big family. They handle almost all the household chores and have the family matters under their control. Middle-aged Chinese women tend to take charge in making living arrangements for all their family members. 
In addition, traditional Chinese women are willing to share the financial burden and work to improve their family life. If they have the energy and opportunity, they will work to enrich themselves. Many women who live abroad started as enthusiastic buying agents for their Chinese relatives and friends, and their business grew steadily over time.


The transnational marriage market  
Nowadays, many women who have found their spouses abroad share their lives on the internet. Their authentic experiences allow more people to have a sense of the lives of ordinary people living overseas. It also encourages many women to open their options and have the courage to search for true love across China’s borders. 
With an increased demand for transnational matchmaking, many intermediaries – both local and aboard, started to provide specialized matchmaking services to seize this business opportunity.
However, more people tend to meet their other half organically through online platforms such as Momo, Soul, WeChat and Tik Tok. Many of these platforms have translation features to overcome the language barrier. As a result, people can use different languages to chat without significant concerns.

Potential problems in a transnational marriage
When pursuing true love abroad is courageous, there are also many problems that a transnational couple will inevitably face.
  1. The transition from online dating to real life will be tough. Establishing emotional connections online is very different from maintaining a relationship with someone who lives with you in real life. It takes time for both parties to get used to each other's presence.
  2. Language barrier is the biggest obstacle. Most of the Chinese are not good at foreign languages. Learning ability also slows down as individuals age. In short, it costs time and energy to pick up a new language. 
  3. Cultural differences play a part, and therefore couples need to adjust to each other.
  4. The differing political climate may have some influences too. 
Before embarking on a new relationship, figuring out these problems early will help avoid unnecessary arguments and disappointments before it is too late.