Summary of 12 Rules of Life

  1. "Stand tall with your shoulders back." Good posture improves our emotional and psychological state and also benefits our physical health.

  2. "Treat yourself as you would someone you're responsible for." We often neglect our needs and fail to set healthy boundaries because we don't treat ourselves kindly. This rule encourages self-compassion.

  3. "Improve something each day." We find purpose and satisfaction by making small changes that benefit our environment or others.

  4. "Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to others today." Constantly comparing ourselves to others leads to feelings of inadequacy. This rule encourages self-improvement.

  5. "Don't let your children do anything that makes you dislike them." Setting boundaries and disciplining children helps them become responsible adults, but it should be done out of love, not hate.

  6. "Fix your own problems before criticizing the world." We should take responsibility for our own lives and surroundings before trying to change society.

  7. "Seek meaning, not just convenience." A fulfilling life comes from finding purpose, not just taking the easy road.

  8. "Be honest or at least, don't lie." Lying destroys trust and relationships. Honesty is key to maintaining order in our lives.

  9. "Listen to others, they may know something you don't." Being open-minded and humble improves our interactions with others.

  10. "Speak precisely." Clear and precise communication builds trust and resolves conflicts.

  11. "Leave children alone when they skateboarding." Children need the freedom to explore, take risks and make mistakes in order to develop self-direction and autonomy.

  12. "Pet a cat when you see one." Small acts of kindness and compassion can have a positive impact on our emotional state.